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ADLCO equips architects, fabricators, builders and related Manufacturers in different Sectors with a comprehensive range of aluminium systems-Hardwares and products for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. We bring 3 related Product Groups ( extruded aluminium Profiles, Architectural Hardwares, ready Windows and Doors) under the same Roof to meet the market needs in an effective way.

As ADLCO we work in-house to design, develop and test reliable aluminium systems, hardwares and accessories to meet evolving market needs. With different locations and more than 50 years of experience, our investments enable us to provide our Products into more than 60 Countries. Due to the own production units, ADLCO is able to control the quality of the products at all stages of the industrial process: from purchase of raw materials till creating of finished products and their packing. Quality of ADLCO products is proved by corresponding certificates and protocols of tests of accredited international companies and leading scientific and technical centers.

ADLCO holds the leading position on the Hardware systems market as Yelken kalip Co. and is the leading manufacturer of aluminium profile systems as Sistem aluminium Co. and Windows-Doors as Vindosa Co. We combine the outstanding manufacturing capacity of our partners with our international sells organisation by providing all international quality, Testing and Warranty Certificates. Our Partners are equipped with high-technology equipment and their production conforms to the İnternational quality standards. The quality management system of all enterprises has been certified in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 by TUV CERT.



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Why Choose Us for Aluminum Extrusions

Over 28 Years Of Service

When you choose ADLCO Ltd as your provider, you’re benefitting from decades of experience! For almost 28 years in the Aluminium industry, we’ve been perfecting our skills to ensure we’re always providing you with the high quality products and service available.


We can handle it all – extrusion, fabrication, finishing, design, and assembly. We offer programs that allow our customers to receive a complete part, assembly, or private label product from our warehouse .

Extensive Array of Extrusion Capabilities

We are committed to offering the most innovative products in the industry. By providing a wide array of alloys and sizes, we strive to offer as many solutions in the extrusion industry as possible. Our capabilities in size range from miniature to up over 14” in circle size. We can extrude the simplest to the most intricate aluminum extrusion shapes. Let our expert staff assist you in designing the best performing, highest quality custom aluminum extrusions possible.

Comprehensive Alloy Selection

We proudly offer the most comprehensive selection of hard and soft alloys in the industry. Our offerings include 2000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 series alloys. When you choose ADLCO, no need to go to multiple places to get everything you need – we are your one-stop-shop for custom aluminum extrusions!!

Ability To Achieve Tight Tolerances

Our skilled engineers and extrusion team are constantly pushing the bar on what is achievable with regard to tolerances. We are proud to say that we can achieve some of the tightest tolerance in the industry.

World-Class Customer Service

We are committed to offering the highest quality of service available. We operate our business with the mindset of treating others how we would want to be treated. Our goal is to earn the respect and trust of our customers and to develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ businesses.

Tailor-made packaging

We know the packaging for aluminum profile is very important for the transportation. Good and proper packaging way can protect the aluminum profile well in the moving and you can get aluminum profile without any damage and scratch when it get to your workshop and warehouse.




Aluminum’s low density and high weight-to-strength ratio provide advantages in many industrial applications.


With alloying and proper heat treatment, its mechanical properties can reach the level comparable to steel. With this feature, aluminum has become indispensable for Automotive, Defense and aerospace, machinery manufacturing, etc.. sectors.

Easy to Form

Aluminum alloys; cold or hot forming methods such as Rolling, extrusion, forging allow for a wide range of cross-section production.

Easy To Process

Aluminum has high performance chip removal ability by alloying, the workability of its special alloys is strictly comparable with brass.

Long-Lasting and Resistant to Wear

Surface protection can be achieved by increasing the natural protective oxide layer by anodic oxidation processes that can be applied to aluminum.

Increases Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum has excellent specific electrical conductivity, which makes it indispensable for electrical and electronic applications. It can also be preferred in all applications where heat conduction is required.

Not Toxic

It is a non-toxic material that is largely used by the food industry and preservation processes.


Aluminum can be easily recycled with low energy costs.



adlco-global about us hardwares
adlco-global about us hardwares
adlco-global about us hardwares

Core Advantages


We offer a wide range of window and door hardware but most of our products are designed bespoke to the client. All design and manufacturing resources are in-house, it means we can be cost-effective without sacrificing quality or reliability.


Beyond our standard Range, we also have the great capability for OEM products designed specifically to meet each client’s specific needs. We have extensive experience with OEM products and we welcome any such opportunities.


To meet quality standards, we have a in höse laboratory with required equipment to test our door and window products at the most stringent standard.


We implemented a systematic, automated robotic production to optimize its manufacturing standard and quality for each product; thus, solidifying its status as one of the best in door and window hardware.



adlco-global about us windows and doors

At ADLCO you can discover bespoke aluminiumannd uPVC windows and doors for every project, from commercial to residential, traditional to contemporary. All our windows and doors are both versatile in function and design. Every desired opening type is available, from inward and outward opening, tilt and turn and double casement. A full range of energy efficient windows and doors are also available for those projects that require you to meet the most strict and precise efficiency demands.

All of our aluminium and uPVC windows are available in different insulation levels and safety, which are perfect for those projects requiring high standard in energy efficiency.

The combination of strength and durability of aluminium, allows very large windows to be designed and developed enabling maximum light into every building and room. Aluminium is exceptionally flexible and can be shaped and bent to give you the unlimited freedom in design and concept.

Aluminium and as well as uPVC are strong, robust, versatile and durable. Our windows and doors are naturally low maintenance and are built to last. All our range of aluminium and uPVC windows and doors are secure by design and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions with the exceptional acoustic performance which meet the latest energy efficient requirements

adlco-global about us hardwares

Our Pledge to our Customers :

  1. MATERIALS. We inform our Customets about material chaoices which can cover their needs by their wish. Your home is your castle. The Windows and doors should reflect that.

  2. REFERENCES. Satisfied customers mean future business.

  3. CRAFTSMANSHIP. We do not take a chance on “discounted labor.”

  4. VALUE. By our mannufacturing capacity we offer competitive pricing.

  5. PROFESSIONALISM THROUGHOUT. We do not believe in high pressure.
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