We take pride in being one of the leading aluminum extrusion manufacturers offering our customers aluminum extrusion design support, aluminum fabrication, CNC machining and tooling, as well as parts assembly, packaging and fulfillment solutions.

Since 1990, we have manufactured components for manufacturers and OEMs across a variety of industries, including electronics, sporting goods, solar energy, fiber optics, thermal management, utilities, automotive, and building product industries. To meet our customers’ demanding aluminum extrusion and component manufacturing requirements, we are continually advancing our capacity and capabilities through ongoing investments in new technologies for aluminum extrusion manufacturing, CNC machining and aluminum fabrication.

ADLCO is a full-service partner, and we have an unwavering commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and service of the highest quality. This commitment is at the core of our value added philosophy.




ADLCO is a specialist in tailor made aluminium profiles. Specific component design, based on in-depth knowhow and supported by advanced IT infrastructure, enables us to build bespoke products that are individual to customer specifications. Our experience and resources ensure delivery in the most cost and time efficient way.

Bespoke manufacturing capability

The manufacturing capacity goes way beyond standard off the shelf products. Our business creates and manufactures customer specific components, helping our clients to develop products that meet exact requirements. Working with ADLCO means support at the very beginning, from early advice through to the finishing of a final, perfect product. In a very wide range of products, the production of aluminum profiles for various sectors and purposes is carried out in our extrusion lines. Our extrusion Department has 7 lines.

In our production facility, 14 mt in different alloys. Profile manufacturing can be done up to length. The billets used in our extrusion lines are first class aluminum billets and we manufacture special alloy profiles as well as 1xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series alloys. Aluminum profile extrusion is a delicate process. The parameters of all equipment in our production facility are controlled by advanced technology devices and recorded in our special software for traceability. With an annual capacity of 67.000 tons, experience and technology in profile production, we are proud to be the leading company in the sector.





Die House


ADLCO Architectural Aluminum Systems meets the procurement needs of the domestic and foreign construction sectors.

Aluminum facade systems, aluminum door and window joinery systems, sunshade and skylight systems, office partition systems, sliding door and window products are produced. We exports to more than 50 countries in 4 continents, with 34 active architectural joinery series series and complementary conventional series. We also offers a wide range of options for facade cladding with A2, B1-Fire Retardant and B2 standard type aluminum composite panel products. In our facilities production is carried out with EN755-9, EN12207, 12208 and EN 12210, EN 12020 certificates in accordance with international quality standards.



The most important criterion in the use of aluminum in the automotive and complementary industry is to prefer high-strength, light and durable materials. The use of aluminum in automotive production has increased significantly today, which changes almost every day.

Durable and light, mechanically processed and IATF 16949 certified products are produced within the tolerances of DIN EN ISO 2768-m for the automotive and automotive sub-industry, especially in 6005 / 6005A / 6061/6082 alloys.

An aluminum intensive vehicle can deliver up to 20% reduction in energy consumption and up to 17% CO2 over the total life cycle.

There is no metal more environmentally friendly than aluminum for the automotive and transportation industry.



The infrastructure sector is preferred especially in building dilatation products. Building gaps left by earthquake regulations against building movements are covered with aluminum dilatation products. The aluminum forms of these spaces vary according to the place of use. In this way, aluminum dilatation products that can provide variable strengths from spring passageways to heavy vehicle passageways can be used.



With the introduction of aluminum alloys and profiles made of aluminum in the white goods sector, the benefits of both lightness and dimensional reduction and ease of recycling have brought many radical changes in this sector, from environmental impacts to cost reduction.

Powder Coating Facility


The use of aluminum extrusion profiles in photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar energy (CSP) applications is a very common and cost-effective application.

The percentage of these CSP and PV projects of the aluminum extrusion industry using aluminum versus steel or other materials is increasing day by day. We reduce the burden of buildings with our aluminum profiles, which are widely used in the infrastructure of solar energy systems.

In addition, these wear-resistant parts, which do not require maintenance for many years, significantly reduce the investment costs of solar energy systems.

Mechanical Process


With the increasing architectural demands on linear production lighting groups, the need for aluminum profiles in the lighting industry is increasing.

In addition to cosmetic expectations and rapid production capabilities, electronic heating, which is the biggest problem of lighting groups, has been reduced to minimum levels with the cooling product designs of aluminum forms. In this way, both cosmetic lighting products and cooling products are produced.

Aluminium Composite Panel


The use of aluminum in aircraft production, which is used in airline production, has shown a rapid increase in recent years.

The use of aluminum in aircraft production is around 60-65%. In our facility, it is possible to produce mechanically processed 6061/6082/7050/7075 alloys within DIN EN ISO 2768-m tolerances.

Aluminium Forging Facility


In sea vehicles, especially in boats and yachts, aluminum construction systems reduce the center of gravity, increase the balance of the vehicle and provide more efficient use. The joinery and profiles made of aluminum are indispensable materials of modern ship and marine engineering.

Aluminum material is more resistant and long-lasting in water compared to steel, and can be used for many years without any problems. Especially 5083-F and 5754-F alloys with high corrosion resistance are preferred.

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