Welcome to ADLCO, Provider of Architectural Hardware & Accessories for Aluminum, uPVC and wooden Windows and Doors. Our extensive knowledge of Hardware systems, from engineering and development to warehousing and logistics, allows us to provide window and door manufacturers with cutting-edge fenestration products and solutions.

Quality, Innovation and design are the strong side of our company. We are into the hardware business since more than 50 years to build a greater industry with innovative hardwares using our in-house Research& Development Department. We work continuously on new product development. ADLCO offers Custom designand finishes when our regular range does not fit to your requirement. Our Product Range contains door hinges, multipoint and mortice locks, handle sets,tilt and turn systems, lift and slide systems, cylinders, limiters , window fitting systems for all types of openings, through to accessories and auxiliary materials for Manufacturers. For the further information please get in touch via our contact page.

Technical Assistance

ADLCO provides its customers technical support service all over of the World for the full range of its hardware products, information and services.

What we can provide

  • Technical information on products, use and assembly, before, during and after the sale.
  • Training courses for the sales and technical personnel of our customers.
  • Application checks on the assembly of products on the various door & window profile systems for windows (CAD checks or installation and mechanical tests in your own lab).
  • Management of reports about any hardware operating issues, in order to quickly provide the best solution to restore optimal conditions of use of the hardware.
  • Provide technical engineers for presentation of system hardware to architectures and builders for better understanding of the system hardware used in their different types of the windows & doors.
  • Technical guidance for any new designed door and window system development according to existing or with new designed hardware.

Design for Customization

Providing best facility for the customized hardware and tool development for all the existing and new systems are the biggest advantages of our customers. we provide solutions for any difficulty in hardware fittings and can make your window technically more advanced than any of your competitors.

We provide significant cost and time reduction in new Product Development to our Cusomers by using Advantages of our integrated manufacturing Plant.

Beyond our standard products, we also have the capability to produce OEM products designed specifically to meet our customer’s specific needs. We have extensive experience with OEM production, and we welcome any such inquiries.

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